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The Center is a non-profit organization.  This is different from most child care centers.  The fees that we charge and receive from you, as well as your donations keep the Center running.  This is supplemented by the volunteer efforts of generous family members, Board members, and the Staff.  The Center depends heavily on parent and community involvement and support.

Ways to Donate:

Support our school and it's many projects

Support our teacher's classrooms or the Center through our Amazon Wishlists - check back monthly for a highlighted list!

Together in Education - Harris Teeter - Link your VIC card to our school today! Our school code is 6558.

1. Log in to your Harris Teeter profile at the top of
2. Click on My Account once logged in
3. In the Together in Education section, type the school name in the School Search toolbar or enter our code: 6558.
4. Once the school name generates, click on the school name and then ADD a school.

minted - save 20% with code: FUNDRAISEGREENE - minted donates 15% to the center!

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