Help us build a new space for our pre-k and school age students to enjoy for years to come!

Our Pre-K program has been using a modular building located next to our main center for over 25 years. That building is in need of a replacement and we have big plans to build a permanent structure that will be a place for our pre-k students to learn and our school agers to spend their time. This expansion will also allow our Pre-Schoolers to have a dedicated place to have more center related activity focusing on sensory, dramatic play, art, music and movement.

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Purchase a Concrete Brick to Pave the Way

 We would love for every student to walk down the path to the new building and see the name of every family, friend, business and community member that literally paved the way to their future. 

Friend Sponsor - 4" x 8" Brick - $75

Bronze Sponsor - 8" x 8" Brick  - $100

Silver Sponsor -  8" x 8" Brick - $250

Gold Sponsor - 8" x 8" Brick - $500

Platinum Sponsor - 8" x 8"  Brick - $1,000